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During the weeks past, we were able to put together the definitive schedule of our conference next December. You will find this schedule when you go to the next page.
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The Virtuous Life
Thomas Aquinas on the theological nature of moral virtues.

Utrecht, December 16-19, 2015
Ariënsinstituut, Keistraat 9, 3512 HV Utrecht

Wednesday December 16

13.30Registration, Coffee, tea

15.00Word of welcome
Marcel Sarot, Dean of the School of Catholic Theology of Tilburg University

15.05Welcome, opening address
Henk Schoot (Director Thomas Instituut te Utrecht)
-Infused Moral Virtues: the Stakes

15.30Invited lecture:
Angela Knobel McCay (Catholic University of America, Washington)
-A Confusing Comparison: Interpreting de Virtutibus in Communi a.10 ad 4


16.30Invited lecture:
David Decosimo (Boston University)
-Ethics as a Work of Charity: Who Gets Which Virtues?


17.30 18.00Short break, snacks

Rudi te Velde (Tilburg University, Thomas Instituut)
-How Can Charity Teach Us to Be Prudent and Just?

Randall Smith (University of St. Thomas, Houston)
- How Faith Perfects Prudence

Thursday December 17

9.30Invited lecture:
Andrew Pinsent (Oxford University)
-Whos Afraid of the Infused Virtues? The Philosophy of Theological Dispositions


10.30Coffee, tea

Thomas M. Osborne jr. (University of St. Thomas, Houston)
-What is at Stake in the Question of Whether Someone Can Possess the Natural Moral Virtues without Charity?

Harm J. Goris (Tilburg University, Thomas Instituut)
-Wounds of Sin and the Infused Moral Virtues

11.45 -Discussion


14.00Paper presentations (parallel in group I and in group II):
Location: Nieuwe Gracht 61, Aeneas Room (I) and Cellar (II)

14.00 14.30IThomas Machula (University of South Bohemia)
-Infused Moral Virtues as a Thomistic Heritage
14.30 15.00ITimothy López (University of Louvain)
-Grace and the Virtues of Natural happiness: Extrinsic Ordination and Per Accidens Causation

14.00 14.30IIDominic Farrell LC (Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, Roma)
-Two Visions of Virtue? Aquinas on Revelation and Moral Virtue
14.30 15.00IIJoseph Arias (Christendom College, Alexandria VA)
-The Infused Virtues and the Secunda Pars in the Context of the Divine Processions

BreakCoffee, tea

15.30 16.00IRik van Nieuwenhove (Mary Immaculate College, Limerick)
-Aquinas on Contemplation: Some Observations Pertinent to the Christian Life
16.00 16.30ILloyd Newton (University of Louvain)
-Do Christians Have Acquired or only Infused Virtues?

15.30 16.00IIMichal Mrozek OP (Thomas Institute, Warsaw)
-The Virtuous Life: Thomas Aquinas on the Theological Nature of Moral Virtues
16.00 16.30IIReynaldo A. Reyes (University of Santo Tomas, Manila)
-Aquinas on the Metaphysical Assumptions of Infused and Acquired Virtues

BreakCoffee, tea

17.00 17.30IRichard J. Dougherty (University of Dallas)
-St. Thomas on the Acquisition of Virtue and the Natural Law
17.30 18.00IJörgen Vijgen (Seminary De Tiltenberg, Haarlem)
-Aquinass Moral Theology and the Problem of Aristotles Heroic Virtues

17.00 17.30IIKevin G. Grove, CSC (University of Notre Dame)
-The Intelligibility of Desire: The Christology of Aquinas Treatment of Evangelical Counsels

Friday December 18

9.30Invited lecture:
William C. Mattison III (Catholic University of America, Washington)
-The Scriptural foundations of Thomistic Infused Virtue: Infused Prudence in the Sermon on the Mount

Michael Sherwin, O.P. (Université de Fribourg)
-Fire Grows in Water: Thomas Aquinas Interpretation of Virtue in the Scriptures
Lambert Hendriks ((Major Seminary of Rolduc; Thomas Instituut)
-Can God Make Acting Easy? A Reflection on the Characteristics of Acting faciliter in Relation to Infused Moral Virtues


14.00Paper presentations III and IV (parallel)
Location:Nieuwe Gracht 61, Aeneas Room (III) and Cellar (IV)

14.00 14.30IIIMiroslaw Mroz (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun)
-The Significance and Position of the Infused Moral Virtue of Fortitude for the Christian Life in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas
14.30 15.00IIIAlina Beary (Baylor University)
-Acquired and Infused Temperance: A Family Resemblance?

14.00 14.30 IVFáinche Ryan (Trinity College, Dublin)
-Prudentia, An Intellectual Virtue within the Moral Life: A study of the Virtue of prudentia in Aquinas Account of a Moral Life as ultimately Directed by the Infused Virtues of Faith, Hope and caritas.
14.30 15.00 IVReginald M. Lynch, OP (University of Notre Dame)
-Friendship and the Theological Life

BreakCoffee, tea

15.30 16.00IIIAnton ten Klooster (Tilburg University, Thomas Instituut)
-Acts of the Virtues: The Contribution of Aquinass Lectura on Matthew
16.00 16.30IIIPaul M. Rogers (Emmanuel College, Cambridge)
-Questioning the VirtuesGifts of the Holy Spirit Schema in Thomass Account of the Moral Life and Possible Solutions in his Commentary on Romans
16.30 17.00IIIJohn Berkman (Regis College, University of Toronto)
-In the Power of the Holy Spirit: Aquinas Ethics after Thomistic Virtue Ethics

15.30 16.00 IVMatthew Kostelecky (University of Alberta)
-Primum cognitum and the Immediate Love of God in This Life: Reflections on the Importance of Charity in the Speculative Thought of Thomas Aquinas
16.00 16.30IVLuca Gili (University of Louvain)
-Can an Infused Virtue Be a Potential Part of a Natural Virtue? Thomas Aquinas on Patience
16.30 17.00 IVJoseph Lee Stenberg (University of Colorado)
-Thomas Aquinas on the Relationship between Happiness and Virtue

17.30Celebration of the H. Eucharist in St. Catharines Cathedral, presided by His Excellency drs. Th.C. Hoogenboom, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Utrecht

19.00 - 22.00Conference Dinner (Courthotel, Korte Nieuwstraat 14, Utrecht)

Saturday December 19

John OCallaghan (University of Notre Dame)
-Two Forms of Forgiveness: Natural and Theological

Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt (Loyola University Maryland)
-Infused Moral Virtues and the Infused Knowledge of Christ

11.00 Coffee, tea
11.30Concluding session
Starting with short reflections on the conference theme by the invited lecturers
13.00End of Conference

13.00 14.00Lunch