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The Thomas Instituut te Utrecht (Tilburg University)

  • organizes each year a national conference meant to attract a larger forum of non specialists.
    From 2006 onwards, these conferences were devoted to the doctrine of God, Interreligious dialogue, the Trinity, Psalm 51, Divine transcendence and immanence, the Holy Spirit, and Thomas as Preacher. Most of the time these conferences bear an interdisciplinary character.
  • organizes an international conference every five years.
    The last conference the Institute has organized was in 2015, and was about ‘The virtuous life. Thomas Aquinas on the theological nature of moral virtues’.
  • publishes a yearbook: Jaarboek Thomas Instituut te Utrecht. It contains a mix of contributions, both Dutch and English. The yearbook appears since 1981.
  • has its own series of publications at Peeters Publishers, Louvain (Belgium): Publications of the Thomas Instituut te Utrecht
  • has a bilingual (Latin/Dutch) series of translations: Vertalingen van het Thomas Instituut te Utrecht.
    Four Dutch translations of more accessible works of Aquinas were published, such as sermons on the Our Father, the Hail Mary, The 10 Commandments and Muslim and Eastern-Orthodox questions about the Christian faith. In 2011 a cooperation with the grandseminary De Tiltenberg (Haarlem) was started, to jointly prepare and publish more translations, beginning with a treatise and sermons on the Apostolic Creed. This translation was published in 2013 (Preken over de geloofsbelijdenis). In 2015 a Dutch translation of the academic sermons was published (De Academische Preken).
  • maintains a website:
  • owns a small library, containing three collections: the Collection Van Velthoven (CVV), the Collection de Grijs (CDG) en the Collection Thomas Instituut (CTI).